Welcome to Pristine Children’s High School.

Pristine Children’s High School C.B.S.E. affiliated school, which was founded on 1st June, 1975 with the prime aim of imparting a comprehensive modern education to the children of Muzaffarpur, Bihar & its surrounding localities. The school was initially started up to primary section and slowly upgraded. It secured affiliation to C.B.S.E. up to secondary level at present.

pristine childrens high school muzaffarpur about us 00059 Apart from providing quality education, the school believes in value system, the value that elders instil in youngsters as practised in the ancient time in gurukula system. Thus the environment in Pristine Children’s High School is conductive to bring out the best in a child. Good marks is not the yard stick to measure progress by, instead the student should be self reliant, sensitive, responsible and self confident which is bound to help later in life. Our endeavor is to make the entire process of learning so interesting that the children fall in love with the school.

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