1. Registration is a pre-condition for Admission. Children are normaly registered for admission in the month of October & November.
  2. Registration fee is neigher refundable nor transferable.
  3. Students seeking admission will have to qualify the admission test and they should be registered prior to initiating admission test process.
  4. The list of selected candidates will be put up on the notice board at the office
  5. The admission procedure will be intimated to the parents of the selected candidates. It is mandatory for both parents to be present to complete various admission formalities.
  6. Registration does not guaranttee admission.
  7. Admission should be supported by:
    • Relevent authentic birth certificate
    • Progress report from the previous school
    • Transfer certificate
    • All students are alloted admission numbers which is to be quoted in all future correspondence with the school
    • A certificate from a recognised doctor to certify that the child is medically fit & free from any contagious disease.
  8. For students seeking admission from Class I onwards, it is mandatory to submit Transfer Certificate (original) from the last school attended.
  9. Fees, once paid at the time of admission, are not refundable in any case except the caution money (refundable) in case of refundable.
  10. The management reserves the right to have the last word in all matters relating to admission.