From Chairman’s Desk

Regards, (Chairman) Mr. Bhushan Lal Pristine Children’s High School

Children are our future. We should prepare them to be responsible citizens. They are a nation’s finest raw material. It’s our moral duty at school to shape them into complete human beings. Teachers are student’s role models. They imitate their teachers consciously or otherwise. We at Pristine Children’s High School have a devoted faculty our children can emulate Mahatma Gandhi once said that teachers build nations in classrooms. We at this school aim at imparting quality education to make children strong un morals and values. Our teachers not only teach them their subject but how to be confident in life as well. We are gradually succeeding in empowering our students to achieve the unachievable and this is evident from the new benchmark set by our students not only in the field of academics but also in other curricular activities. I congratulate the Principal, faculty and students for their outstanding performance.

Mr. Bhushan Lal
Pristine Children’s High School